Why are Cupid and Heart Associated with Love?

An Easy Explanation for the Cheesy Symbols

With the month of love arrive boxes of chocolates, huge teddy bears, bouquet of red roses, greeting cards and several heart-shaped things everywhere. Now, laden and greatly commercialized Valentine’s Day was once a day when people solemnly showed their love and affection towards another person.


Cupid – the mischievous winged baby carrying a golden bow and arrow is a famous symbol associated with love. According to Roman mythology, Cupid was the son of Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty, hence he became to be known as the God of affection.

His arrows signify emotions of love and desire.


Legend has it that Cupid shot his gold arrows at God and humans, by piercing hearts with arrows he caused people to fall in love. Today, Cupid and his golden arrows have become among the most popular symbols of love.

These days love is often depicted by two hearts pierced by an arrow.   


There are several different symbols associated with love, but out of all there is nothing as prevalent as the heart, it is a universal image associated with love.

In ancient times people believed that heart was the center of all human emotions and not the brain, since love is an emotion stronger than any other heart became the symbol of love.


Today we eat heart-shaped chocolates, wear t-shirts and pendants with the heart symbol and end our text messages to our lovers with a heart emoji.


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