Valentine’s Day Gestures that Will Win Hearts Over

Try a Few of These and See the Magic

Whether you are keen on Valentine’s Day gestures or not, you have to admit that the day does carry huge symbolic value around the world. Anything that you do on this day does tend to stick in memory.


  • Wash his/her car and leave a love note on the air freshener.


  • Book a couple's massage.


  • Plan a romantic getaway to a bed and breakfast.


  • Dedicate a day to the one you love — plan a day filled with his/her favorite things.


  • Make breakfast in bed.


  • Stay in bed all day — pajamas optional.


  • Take a late-night, hand-in-hand stroll around your neighborhood.


  • Scatter rose petals on the bed


  • If he/she has to work late, have his/her favorite takeout delivered to the office, and prepay, of course!


  • Give a back massage.


  • Offer a foot rub — without asking for one in return!


  • Fill up your partner's gas tank.


  • Send flowers or cookies for no reason at all.


  • Take the dog for a walk or complete another "chore" your partner usually tackles.


  • Stock the fridge with his/her favorite beer or wine and the shelves with his/her favorite snacks.


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