Overnight Beauty Tips Using Honey

Make Full Use of this Natural Cosmetic

Honey is an amazing ingredient that treats several health problems. Honey can be used regularly as a part of our beauty regimen to keep hair and skin problems at bay.

Here are a few ways to use honey overnight to treat basic beauty problems.

  • Dry lips –

Apply a thin layer of raw honey on your lips before going to bed and wake up to soft, smooth lips.


  • Split ends –

Mix honey with olive oil and apply this mixture just to the ends of your hair. Leave it overnight and wash it away next morning.


  • Acne –

Apply raw honey to the area affected with acne. Cover this portion with a bandage and leave it on overnight. Rinse with water next morning.


  • Glowing skin –

Mix one part of raw honey with two parts pure aloe-vera gel. Apply this mixture to your face before going to bed. Let it rest overnight before washing it away next morning.


  • Scars –

Apply a thin layer of raw honey to the scars and leave it on overnight. Next morning wash it away with warm water.


  • Blackheads –

Make a mixture of honey and lemon juice. Apply it to the affected areas before going to sleep. Leave it on overnight and wash it away next morning.


  • Nail care –

Mix honey with apple cider vinegar and apply it to your nails and cuticles, let it rest for 10 minutes and then wash it off.


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