Makeup Tricks Every Woman Should Master

Follow the Basics to Look Irresistible

A lot of women love to apply makeup and enjoy the way it transforms your looks and adds charm to your natural beauty.

Yet, applying makeup the right way without making it look overdone is an art, not all women are able to master.

Here are a few basic makeup techniques every woman should master which would make life so much easier for them and that too with very petite efforts.


  • Highlighting and contouring

These steps are the basics of any makeup look and your key to a flawless look.

First, determine the shape of your face and then highlight and contour accordingly to accentuate your features.


  • Natural blush

Blush affects the way your cheek structure looks. Choose pink or some shade in peach to create a natural blush look. Avoid using shimmery blush as it makes the skin look luminous, stick to matte finishes instead.


  • Winged eyeliner

This is one eyeliner look that is alluring and goes with every kind of makeup. Be it a party or a regular day at work, your eye makeup can never go wrong with perfectly done winged eyeliner.


  • Highlighting the brows

Well-shaped and highlighted brows are a woman’s glory. When the brows are thicker or filled with just one color they may look flat, the trick is to highlight the brow and brow bone using the right color and the right strokes.


  • Lipstick

Every woman loves applying lipstick and trying out new lip shades, but filling the lips is an art. Always use a lip balm before applying lipstick to keep your lips protected and hydrated.

Use a lip liner of a similar shade as your lipstick and begin filling the lip color from the outlines towards the inside.


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