5 Qualities Men Want in a Woman

Qualities That Matter

It is very obvious that the preference differs from man to man, some may like a compassionate woman, while some like the brainy type, some would prefer an athletic one while somebody is attracted towards a shy and subtle type.

However, there are some qualities that every man wants in a woman. Check out a few of them here –


  • Intelligence –

Every guy wants a woman who is intelligent and wise. No man wants to date a dull woman no matter how good-looking or cute she is.


  • Kindness –

Being nice to people is a quality that every man likes about a woman. A woman who is genuinely kind and understanding, who does all her best to help people around her is a woman every man would want to keep.


  • Opinion –

No man likes a woman who does not have her opinions. It is good to have mutual opinions in a relationship but that does not mean you agree to everything your partner says.

Being opinionated also doesn’t mean having a clash of opinions all the time; it just means that you put forth your opinion in a healthy manner.


  • Sense of humor –

You don’t have to be very serious and act like a mother, keep the relationship fun and towards the lighter end. A woman with an amazing sense of humor makes men go weak in knees, this is one quality he adores the most in a woman.


  • Independence –

Men do want to be with a woman who is very affectionate and always there for them but at the same time, they want the woman to have her own life.

It is important to balance your personal life as well as your relationship and give equal value to both.


We are sure you’ll agree with at least a few of the points we have laid out.

In any case, being well groomed and presentable finds a mention in any wish-list.

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