5 Eyebrow Tips for a Wonderfully Natural Look

Try These Tips to Look Like a Million Bucks

Not everyone is naturally blessed with a gorgeous pair of eyebrows like Cara Delevigne. Many women struggle to groom their brows to the desired shape and thickness.

Fortunately, there are ways through which you can whip your brows into shape and look like you walked out of a salon.

Reshape over-tweezed brows:

If you’ve been guilty of over-tweezing, you’ll need to keep away your tweezers for a while. It can take a few months for your natural brow shape to fill in entirely.

Maintain discipline during this time and resist the urge to pluck ‘em. You are free to trim the undesirable ones, though.

Nip the uni-brow:

When hair starts growing in the no-go unibrow territory, you should pluck out the strands with a tweezer. Mark the limits by holding a pencil vertically, starting from the outer edge of your nose.

Fill in the tail:

Many women prefer filling out the front and let the tail taper off into a trail of invisibility. Taking thickness away from the front will make the ends look more prominent.

To create a natural effect, lightly fill in with a brow pencil and concentrate color on the sparser tails.

Try tinting:

This is best left to a professional if you don’t want to risk looking like an oddity. Tinting can bulk up the fine strands and make your brows look beautiful.

Fill in the gaps:

If you’re in the process of growing out your eyebrows, you’ll go through an ugly phase during which prominent gaps will appear. Pick up make-up essentials such as brow-fillers, pencils and waxes to fill these in.


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