4 Proven Hacks to Maintain Beautiful Skin

Balance Out Your Indulgences with These Tips

Weekend celebrations mean late night parties, lots of alcohol and bad food choices. All of these indulgences can take a toll on your skin.

Follow the tips below to ensure that your skin remains beautiful and glowing throughout the holiday season:


Hydro Therapy:

The reason you keep hearing about it all the time is because it works. In between glasses of wine, keep drinking water. You will save yourself from dehydration and toxin build-up.

Inadequate water within your system means there is hardly any fluid to carry nutrients to your skin. This can lead to dull skin and acne. Stay hydrated!



You may pride yourself on your ability to pull off two all-nighters on the trot, but you are doing your body no favors. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and like all other organs, it needs to repair itself while you sleep.

Denying yourself 7-8 hours of quality sleep on a consistent sleep damages your skin over a period of time.


Food Detox:

You cannot escape salty foods, fried offerings and carb-loaded goodies during weekend parties. The trick here is to balance out your diet in such a way that you consume enough fruits and green vegetables in a week.

These foods reduce inflammation in the body and supply you with essential minerals and nutrients.


Face Masks:

You can make your skin appear even more radiant by applying face masks regularly. The trick is to have patience and leave them on for 20-30 minutes for maximum effect.


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